After Archives, Exhibition View

After Archives, A.P.E Gallery, Northampton, MA
March 3 - March 30, 2023

Curated by Amy Halliday

What happened between or out of or in the holes of the story is the real story…
Lauren Russell, Descent

"Traditional archives – documents, images, objects – are commonly understood as physical sites in which historical knowledge and memory are collected, organized, and preserved. Archives convey a certain air of authority, of neutrality, of completeness: of the record as somehow transparent, given, fixed. Yet bound up in issues of power and posterity, archives embody the ongoing entanglement of social and historical relations: What is collected, cherished, sought after, ignored? Who and what is made present, salient; what slips between the cracks, into the silences? And how do these choices shape future conditions for navigating the past?

photo credit: Stephen Petegorsky

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